What is Pinterest? (And How Can You Use It To Market Your Dog Business?)

Pinterest!  It’s the not-quite-so-new-anymore big thing in social media.  And actually it’s bigger than I realised, now ranking as the third most visited social media site  after Twitter and of course Facebook.

Pinterest for your dog businessSo what is Pinterest?

Basically it’s a very visual social media site. It allows users to create virtual ‘pinboards’ on which they can pin any images or videos they find online, based on interests, hobbies… anything really (popular for pulling together wedding ideas, or house decor, or photos of motorbikes, dalmatians… anything at all you happen to like)

Pinterest offer an app called a bookmarklet which sits on your toolbar and any picture you happen to find online, on any website at all, you can very quickly and easily put onto one of your pinboards so you can see it again and find it easily, as well as sharing it with your friends and followers.

People can then ‘follow’ you – see what you’re pinning regularly on the basis that their interests are similar to yours;  they can re-pin your pictures to their own boards, or comment on them.  So if a picture is popular it can be re-pinned to a huge number of different people’s boards very quickly.

Who uses Pinterest?

If it’s the third most popular social media platform, a lot of people!! Women, up to now, have made up about eighty percent of the Pinterest audience, but this is changing as the popularity if the site is being recognised. Agewise, it is most popular with people between 25 and 44.

So how can Pinterest help my dog business?

Good question. Actually, quite a lot!  If you are pinning good quality, interesting or helpful pictures and videos onto Pinterest in the name of your dog business;

– People are getting to know the name of your dog business and recognise it as quality

– People are spreading the name across the world as they re-pin your images

Every time someone clicks on an image on Pinterest it links straight back to the website it came from.  So if you are pinning images from your own dog business website, you are hugely increasing your traffic back there!

– You can also sell items through Pinterest if you want to – more on that in a few days.


Pinterest for your dog business

A lot of businesses are, and have for a while, seen the value of Pinterest.  From very small, local, dog treat businesses to huge companies like Pet Plan Insurance.  It is definitely worth having a look at and thinking about whether Pinterest can benefit your dog business.

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring Pinterest further, and looking at how you can use it to the best advantage, and some of the hints and tips to really get yourself going

And if you want to learn more about Pinterest, click here for a free webinar to find out loads more.  If done it – it’s really good!


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Market Your Dog Business’ on Pinterest!



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