Start A Dog Business


This is a good time to start a dog business!

Despite an economy which seems to be in a long term sit-stay, pet owners in general and dog owners in particular are spending an increasing amount on their animals.  The dog business niche is a lucrative one to get into.

start a Dog BusinessThere are, of course, many different types of dog business that you could get into.  With any new venture, unless you are forced into the change by circumstances, or have the luxury of another income to tide you over the start-up stage, I would always recommend a steady and part time approach, which is possible with a dog business maybe more than many others.

So if you love dogs and are looking to start a dog business there is plenty of scope and more than enough business out there.

– Doggy Day Care

– Boarding Kennels

– Dog Grooming

Dog Treat business

Dog Walking business

– Products (doggy treats, toys etc)

Pet Sitting

– Dog Training

– Specialist dog business such as building and supplying agility equipment, hydrotherapy for dogs or dog nutrition  (providing you are willing to undertake the study and training required)

So if you love dogs and want to spend your days working with them in your own dog business, rather than stuck in a stuffy office somewhere while your own dog wanders the kitchen aimlessly, check out some of these guides and ideas and go for it!  Start a dog business!