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  • Pinterest grew to 10 million users faster than any other independent website in history.
  • According to, most users are spending more time on Pinterest than Facebook.
  • Nearly 12 million monthly unique visitors.
  • Daily users have increased by more than 145% since the start of 2012.

We can’t ignore Pinterest!

Pinterest for your dog businessA few days ago we looked at what Pinterest is, and some of the benefits to your dog business.  Let’s move on from there and look at how to set up your Pinterest business page.

Research shows that people like brands better and are more likely to buy from them after viewing their Pinterest page.  When Pinterest started, you could only have a personal page, but things move fast, and they quickly responded to the need for business pages too.

Six Steps to Get Started Marketing Your Dog Business on Pinterest

1. In order to start a Pinterest Business page, you need to go to and sign up for an account in the same way you would anywhere else.  You will use your business name obviously and this will show up at the top of your profile.

2. You will then fill in the ‘About’ section.  This is your chance to show who you are and what your business offers so make the most of it!  Remember to not just talk about who you are and what you do (although this is vital) but also what benefits your potential clients can get out of your business and following you on Pinterest.

3. Verify Your Website.  This is easy if you are using WordPress; if you have a web builder looking after your site for you, you may need to go back to them to ask them to do this for you.  It’s an important step though, because it means you have that all important link back to your website at the top of your main page.

4. Add the ‘Pin It’ Button to your toolbar – just click and drag from here.  This makes it super easy to pin pictures from your dog business site or anyone else’s (don’t worry – that’s allowed!  It’s all good publicity for them because anything you post from their page links straight back to their website!)  All you do is click on the pin it button and it will give you a choice of pictures from the website you are on.  Click on the one you want to pin, it will ask you which board and will pin it directly.  Simples!

5. Start Pinning!  From your site, definitely!  We’ll talk more about what sort of stuff to pin in a few days, but anything is good to start with!  And use other people’s stuff too – it is all good for them, and whether it comes direct from their website or is re-pinned from their board, it makes your boards look full and busy. Once you have followers, however, don’t pin too much all at once or you will fill up their boards and they may get a little fed up – even if it is all good stuff!

6. Add the’Pin It Button’ or the ‘Follow Me on Pinterest’ button to your website.  Encourage new followers!  The more people who follow you the more they will re-pin your stuff and the more followers you will get – all getting to know your dog business and visit your website.  Has to be a good thing!  Even if you’re wondering how a visitor from Chile can possibly bring in any business to your dog grooming business in Worcester… (we’ll look at that too in a few days!)

So… I know that was a really quick overview, but there’s loads of help on Pinterest if you get stuck setting up your business account.  Set aside some time and get stuck in with it.  And if you are really keen and can see how Pinterest could benefit your dog business enough that you want to make it one of your main marketing tools, then I fully recommend watching the videos linked to below!  Really informative and very clear.


Happy Pinning!

Come and find Market Your Dog Business on Pinterest!



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