Special Offer for Breeders


 Two Special Offers For You


If you have a litter of puppies to sell at the moment, or will do in the near future, you are probably asking the question how to sell puppies online.

Most people looking for a new puppy are now looking online, and a majority who are looking for a reputable breeder are expecting to find more than simply an advertisment and one picture.
how to sell puppies online
Of course, if you are an established breeder, you probably already have a website for your kennel name, giving details of all your dogs, and their pedigrees, loads of photos and details of any litters.  You may also be using video and YouTube, which is an excellent way of showing off your dogs – particularly any stud dogs you may have.  You probably already know how to sell puppies online.

To get more visitors to your site rather than them going to other sites about the same breed, simply add more content about the breed itself; training details, breed standards, health issues, etc.  Blogging about your dogs will get you even more visitors) and thinking about how to sell puppies online, the more visitors the better!.

However, if you are not a long standing breeder, and maybe only breed occasionally, or have the one litter of a particular breed, you probably will not want to go to the expense of a full website.

How to sell puppies online?  Get them online!

Two offers for you.

I started thinking about how to sell puppies online when my friend, a very experienced breeder of GSDs, had a springer spaniel litter.  Her main website is all about springer GSDs so the spaniels didn’t fit there, but she was finding it difficult to give enough information in the little advertisements you can put up in places and provide a place for potential customers to contact her directly.

She really needed a small, simple website to send potential customers to where they could find out more about her as a reputable breeder, the puppies, their parents andhow to sell puppies online their pedigree.  She also needed space to explain just a little bit about the breed and what to expect from them (as a responsible breeder she wants to get the right owners and knows she will end up taking them back if they go to the wrong homes) and to inform potential buyers what she expects of them too!  (ie not for the pup to be left home alone all day, secure garden, and understanding of the breed requirements)

So we created a small, simple three page website (here) how to sell puppies online with loads of photos of the puppies, enough information and a simple contact form.

Offer no.1 for how to sell puppies online:  A temporary website to help you sell your puppies online.

  • This will be a fully optimised WordPress site using the keywords which mean people will find you easily online. 
  • It will look professional and quality as befitting a responsible breeder (with as many photos as possible)
  • It will have three-four pages and a simple contact form
  • I will sort out the domain name and the hosting as part of the package so you don’t need to worry about it
  • It will remain live for six weeks initially and then at a rate of £10 extra per week after that until all the puppies are sold
  • You will be able to link to your website from Kennel Club, Champdogs and any other advertisements you place online (depending on the restrictions of the particular advertising site)
  • You will be able to update it regularly with news of the puppies’ development, health checks, vaccination and availability
  • The cost of all this is only £220, which is probably less than half the price of just one of your puppies.


Offer No.2 for how to sell puppies online: A Video

The second thing I did for her was to create a short video of her puppies.   It went live on YouTube last week, we linked to it from three websites as well as her own mini one and a few Facebook pages.  So far it has had 155 views (which is low because it’s Christmas week) and the spaniels are selling fast to good homes.

dog breedersI can only make promotional videos in the Midlands region at present (occasionally in North Lancashire or Sussex) but if you do live in this area, I can offer a short video of your litter, with photos, and get it uploaded onto YouTube for you, embedded onto your mini website if you have one, or available for embedding on your own website by your own web designer.  You will also be able to link to it from any other online ads you place.

What better way to sell extremely cute puppies that show them at their cutest, in action!?  But also to show that they are real animals

And all this will cost just £140 (as well as travel expenses outside of Derby) – again, not a huge investment when you weigh it up against the price of just one puppy)

And if you have both video and mini website, I will do them for just £320.

(I can also, if you breed occasionally as a hobby, keep your website for you for a retainer of just £20/yr  and bring it online again with new puppies as and when necessary for half price so you will not have to start completely again if you breed another litter in eighteen months.)

If you are thinking about how to sell puppies online, please give me a call: 01332 344677 or contact me online here and let’s have a chat about how I can help you with this.