Ongoing Support/Management

A lot of clients have been asking me if I can provide some sort of online marketing/website support package so they can keep receiving my input to their website on an ongoing basis.  Obviously the extent of this support varies, depending on how confident you are online, and how much time you have to give to this.  So I have developed three packages again:

The Bronze Package is a hosting only package and also covers the renewal of your domain name.  Your site will have to be hosted somewhere and I basically take the organisation of this off your hands £10 per month

picThe Silver Package gives basic support, taking ongoing control over any upgrades etc necessary on your site, managing the hosting for you so you are not going through Hostgator yourself (thus saving their fee as it becomes part of my package), and making minor adjustments as necessary.  It’s still up to you to add content to your site, but I’m there as a safety net, dealing with the more techy side and helping with anything you are not confident about. I’ll also keep an eye on your links to make sure they remain working, and I’ll come and visit your Facebook page and give some visitor input.  Only £25 per month

The Gold Package is for those of you who just know you’re not going to keep up with your online marketing, and wish you didn’t really have to think about it!  This could be your package: I will source and add one blog post to your site every week, generally dog related or any news/events you want to send me to put on there.  I’ll also make minor adjustments to your site for you and update your gallery/slideshow once a month if you send me new pictures.  I will also become an administrator on two of your social media platforms for you, and add fresh content and comments weekly.  Only £80 per month