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Indago Dog Photography Derbyshire

dog businessDo you have amazing dog photography on your dog website, which really shows off the best of you, your dogs and your dog business?

Dog photographs are perfect for livening up the look of your publicity, both online and offline. They draw people in and help them to identify with you and what you are doing.

Obviously it’s really important to have a wide range of sizes, ages and breeds (unless, of course, you are a specific breed club).  Even activities such as agility, which tends to be somewhat dominated by collies, does attract other breeds and it’s important to show them, unless you want to cut down your customer base significantly!

Good dog photography will capture something of the character of your dog or dogs and will really showcase the services or products you have to offer. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and I fully believe that to be business

Don’t forget to include a few pictures of the related humans though! Ultimately people relate to people and you smiling online might sound horrendous but it does mean that people will know who you are when they turn up at your training class or club.

Dog photography is one of my favourite hobbies, which I recently turned into a business, Indago Dog Photography, complimentary to my website design and marketing.

What I can offer you

  • A photographic shoot which captures the essence of your dog business or club, with you in action grooming, training, doing agility… whatever is required
  • Professional portraits of you and your dogs
  • A portfolio of photographs to use in your online marketing, and particularly your dog website.

dog businessI do dog photography in and around Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire, taking portraits and action shots of all breeds of dogs and puppies.  I am very happy to come and do a photo shoot for your website or general publicity materials, specialising in photography which captures the essence of any sort of  dog business or club.  Prices start from £120 for an two hour’s shoot with a portfolio of photographs to be used online (photographs for printing are priced separately).

Come and have a look at my work on Indago Dog Photography