Six Simple Ways to Market A Dog Business in Your Local Park This Summer

It’s summer at last!  How can we use this phenomenon to market a dog business?

market a dog businessAccording to the weather forecasts, summer is about to begin!!  In case you’ve forgotten what summer is, it’s that time of year when dog walkers go ouot in t-shirts, and even shorts, instead of wellies and raincoats, and they take longer over their walks too, stopping to comment on the phenomenon of summertime with other dog walkers instead of hurrying by…

So, with larger than normal numbers, and slightly more lingering dog walkers in the park, how can we market a dog business to our target market of dog owners in our local park?

Six Simple Ways to Market a Dog Business in the Local Park

1. Posters

Sounds simple, and I’ve said it before, but posters still work, and what better place to put them than where your local dog walkrs will see them?  A lot of parks will have a little cafe, where many dog walkers stop for a rest and chat while their dogs either snooze or bark… An ideal place to market a dog business.  If you can put your QR code onto your poster somewhere, they can save your website onto their phone before ven leaving the building.  Just make sure it’s eye-catching and relevant!

2. Leaflets

Similar to posters… but I always think that a leaflet should give you a special offer or discount voucher.  A reason to put it in your pocket rather than the next litter bin!!  Leaflets can be printed off quite cheaply now (you only really need small and one sided) and once printed you can either leave them in that friendly little cafe on the tables, or even take them with you and hand them out to dog walkers while you’re there, which also leads to a nice conversation about your dog business hopefully.  In my experience dog walkers are a friendly crowd.

3. Be a Walking Advert!market a dog business

Get a t-shirt made with your dog business name on the front and website on the back and wear it when you walk your dogs!  If you have a dog business shirt which you wear while working, keep in on when you go to the park after hours.  After all, your target market is walking around you – they may as well know you’re there!  I’ve had quite a lot of chats about my dog photography business this way.  It’s amazing how many people stop you and ask!

4. Put a Poster or Magnet on Your Car

Of couse, if you already have ‘Dog-Father Dog Training’ or something printed across the  side of your purpose built van, this doesn’t count, but for those of us who drive to the park in our average car, yu may as well make the most of the other dog walkers who use the same car park and walk past your car!  (Try and park right by the entrance or on a throughway!!)  A simple magnet on the side of your car, or a laminated sign just inside the window which you can put up in the window when you leave the car will work.

5. Events

Most parks run a variety of events over the summer months.  Some will be dog related, some not, but they provide an excellent opportunity to either have a stand for your dog business, or if that’s too expensive, just wander around with your leaflets or wearing your dog business t-shirt.  Always worth getting in touch with the organisers and finding out if they are looking for any extra attractions – often they will give you a stand just because they want their event to look busy!

6. Giveaway

A stage further than leaflets… do you have any promotional items you could simply hand out in your local park?  Clickers are ideal; pens are always useful; balloons for children are good… Bit more expensive than the previous ideas, but well worth it, and if you have loads of promotional stock left over from another event, it’s a good way of getting rid of it!  Again, like some of the other ideas, it gives you a very good lead in to conversation.

Using leaflets to market a dog business, please click here.



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    A great article. Wish I had seen it a bit earlier.


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