FaceBook for Your Dog Business

Just in case I haven’t yet convinced you that you really do need a Facebook business page for your dog business, a few facts:

Did you know that…

… one million businesses have been integrated so far – and that figure is growing every day!

… 23% of Facebook users check their accounts more than six times a day

… the average Facebook user makes 415 ‘shares’ every year – is our dog business using up some of them?

… there are five MILLION new likes on Facebook every single day

… It’s not just for the young: 54% of Facebook users are aged between 35 and 55

Facebook is a fantastic tool to further your dog business, bringing you new contacts on a daily basis if you update it well enough, and giving you a fantastic and easy way to interact with your clients on a daily basis.

There are so many funny/cute dog pictures/videos out there to share that updating it needn’t be difficult – and remember to put all your new offers and blog posts up there too!

And when you have your Facebook page up and running, send me a link on my FaceBook page and I’ll come and like it!

By the way, are you following me on Facebook yet?

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