About Me

I’m Kirsty Cussens and I live in Derbyshire with my husband, two kids and three dogs: one working cocker, Tiegan, who has done gun dog training and aglity as well as basic obedience training, a second working cocker, Tally, who does mischief, and my daughter’s miniature schnauzer, Heidi, who does  whatever  my daughter happens to be keen on in any given week.  The picture below is also with four of her puppies from a litter last year.  They left!

Having recently taken redundancy from my English teaching job,  I now spend my time creating websites and helping small dog-related business and clubs develop their online marketing strategy- whatever that entails – from helping them increase their Google rankings, to building Facebook pages, to making promotional videos.

I also recently turned my passion for dogs and hobby of photography into Indago Dog Photography, which fits in great with the website development as I will quite often go and do a photo shoot for a business, breeder or club I am working with so we have exactly the right images for a website or other publicity.

Why specialise in dogs? It made perfect sense to combine what I do in my online marketing business with an interest I love.  The dog market is huge.  There are literally thousands of dog reated businesses, clubs, breeders, events… and very few people who really specialise in marketing that area.  Of course any website developer can build a dog website, but as someone who understands the world of dogs and Me and my dogswhat really matters and  how a dog business would want to portray themselves, I believe I can help you market your dogs in a much more creative and understanding way and have a back up of a good library of dog photos, contacts and links to help with this.

Of course, I do other websites and marketing as well – if you have a cattery, garage or painting and decorating business I’m not turning you away: see my other website for details – but the ‘dog stuff’ is what I love doing most.

So if I can help you in any way, please get in touch!  I’ll do a free initial analysis of your online marketing first, then we can discuss where to go from there.

Best regards,

Kirsty Cussens